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was an English face and Englis▓h character; but you all denied it.I am▓ glad my lovely countrywoman has open▓ed your eyes.” “Why this is b●etter and better, Annie; do

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not ●blush so prettily about it,” whispe●red Lord St.Clair, as, attention once ▓aroused, the similarity was universally a●cknowledged.“If the resemblance b●e chance, it is s

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omething to marvel at; if ●intentional, why I shall be jealou▓s of the sculptor.” “You need not, Henr▓y,” was the reply, in a tone so sa●d that it paine



d him. “W●ell, well, we will go and see it at least, love▓, and judge of its merit with our own eyes.” ● The next day accordingly they w▓ent, and (the mo

st convincing proof of the perfe▓ction of the work) were not di▓sappointed.Neither its beauty ●nor its eloquence had been exaggerated, ●and the resemblance to Annie ●was so extraordinary that the eyes of● all the spectators within the room▓ were attracted towards her; but the express▓ion of the countenance of the fa▓ther in the group riveted her att


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